World experts in liquid biopsy & cancer genomics

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs, physician scientists and industry veterans with deep experience in translating technology for patient care.

Jake Chabon headshot
Jake Chabon Ph.D.
CEO, CSO, Founder
David Kurtz headshot
David Kurtz M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Head of Research, and Founder
Sandy Close headshot
Sandy Close Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer
John Truesdell headshot
John Truesdell MBA
Chief Business Officer
Aaron Berlin headshot
Aaron Berlin
SVP of Development and Engineering
Brittin Davis headshot
Brittin Davis
SVP, Business and Laboratory Operations and Strategy
Mary Stewart headshot
Mary Stewart
SVP, Compliance, Public Policy and Communications
Sara Head headshot
Sara Head
Vice President of Marketing
JP Younis headshot
JP Younis
Vice President of Information Technology and Security
Ash Alizadeh headshot
Ash Alizadeh MD, PhD
Maximilian Diehn headshot
Maximilian Diehn MD, PhD
Scientific Advisor, Founder, Board Member
Shahram Seyedin-Noor headshot
Shahram Seyedin-Noor JD
Board Member
Uplaksh Kumar headshot
Uplaksh Kumar MBA, PhD
Board Member
Mark Lee headshot
Mark Lee MD, PhD
Board Member
Jeff Bird headshot
Jeff Bird MD, PhD
Board Observer
Sandra Horning headshot
Sandra Horning MD
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Christopher Flowers headshot
Christopher Flowers MD
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Stanley Lapidus headshot
Stanley Lapidus
Business Advisor

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