Detect relapse sooner with Foresight CLARITY, a highly sensitive and extremely advanced ctDNA detection technology.

See relapses that others miss

See relapses that others miss.

Foresight’s peer-reviewed and proprietary PhasED-Seq technology is an ultra-sensitive, liquid-biopsy based test that detects MRD from circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). PhasED-Seq powers our Foresight CLARITY MRD test and has been validated in thousands of real-world samples from patients with B-cell malignancies, lung cancer, and breast cancer.1,2,3

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Foresight Diagnostics detection method comparison Foresight Diagnostics detection method comparison

See levels below 1 part per million

By tracking unique genomic differences between cancer and healthy cells with unparalleled accuracy, Foresight CLARITY can detect ctDNA levels below 1 part per million, which is up to 100 times lower than other methods.

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3 Isbell, J.M., Li, B.T., Eichholtz, J.E. et al. Ultrasensitive ctDNA MRD Monitoring in early stage lung cancer with PhasED-Seq. Poster, AACR 2023 Annual Meeting