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Nature Biopharma Dealmakers: Closing the gap on minimal residual disease detection in cancer

Foresight Diagnostics was recently featured in an article in Nature Biopharma Dealmakers, entitled “Closing the Gap on Minimal Residual Disease Detection in Cancer.”  


The article features Foresight’s PhasEDSeq platform that detects circulating tumor DNA at levels below one part-per-million, allowing accurate identification of minimal residual disease well below current levels of detection. Current platforms use SNV-based ctDNA detection, but PhasEDSeq detects phased variants (PV), ctDNA molecules with two or more SNVs, that improves sensitivity. 


With lowered detection limits, it is possible to detect residual tumor DNA both during and after treatment to assess efficacy of therapy. Low levels of cancer can be detected up to 200 days earlier than current capabilities affording the patient and provider an opportunity to treat prior to relapse. 

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