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Jake Chabon Ph.D., Co-founder/CEO of Foresight Diagnostics joins the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) Expert Series podcast

Aurora, Colo. May 2—Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jake Chabon Ph.D., was recently featured on a Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) Expert Series podcast. The podcast highlights Foresight’s successful launch during the COVID-19 pandemic, explores why the company decided to relocate the laboratory to Colorado, and Jake shares what he learned in the startup process that might benefit other life sciences entrepreneurs. 

In the podcast, Jake reflects on the unexpected ways the founders were able to accelerate Foresight’s development despite the pandemic lockdown and why it was imperative to bring their minimal residual disease (MRD) cancer detection technology, PhasED-Seq, forward at that time.  

Jake discusses the move of laboratory operations from Stanford University in California to Colorado and how relocating to an area uniquely positioned to support biotechnology companies has enabled the company to grow. 

In addition, Jake offers advice for obtaining legal and business development support so that companies can focus on product development instead of startup logistics. To learn more, listen to the BCLT podcast

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