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Foresight Diagnostics Responds to Meritless Lawsuit Filed by Roche

Boulder, CO, July 3, 2024 - Foresight Diagnostics, Inc. (Foresight) a leading diagnostics company specializing in the development of ultra-sensitive minimal residual disease (MRD) detection, today shared the following statement regarding a lawsuit filed by Roche Molecular Systems (RMS) and Roche Sequencing Systems (RSS) against Stanford University, three renowned Stanford oncologists who are Foresight founders, and the company regarding Stanford patents licensed exclusively to Foresight. 

We believe that these claims are meritless. Stanford University (Stanford) owns the patents in dispute, and Foresight’s founders created the industry-leading technology at issue using Stanford time and resources, under agreements with Stanford. Indeed, Roche has known that Foresight, through Stanford, has had exclusive rights to this intellectual property for many years. RMS acquired prior, different technology in 2015 known as CAPP-Seq. Now, recognizing the strength of Foresight’s new and independently developed PhasED-Seq TM technology, Roche has brought litigation as a negotiating tactic to try and force a result to which it is not entitled.

Dr. Jake Chabon, PhD, Foresight’s CEO and co-founder, said, “Dr. Diehn, Dr. Alizadeh and Dr. Kurtz are distinguished leaders in oncology. We are confident that they abided by the terms of their agreements with both Stanford and with Roche and that Roche has no trade secrets in intellectual property owned by Stanford. Foresight intends to vigorously defend this litigation and demonstrate that Roche’s allegations are baseless. Foresight is committed to developing innovative solutions proprietary to Foresight that are intended to improve the lives for cancer patients worldwide. We will continue advancing our ultra-sensitive MRD technologies and partnering with leading researchers and customers to move the field forward for the patients who are waiting for us to succeed.”

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